RF Instrumentation for the Modern Engineer

Finally, there is an advanced, modern solution for fast rise time pulse generation and synchronization!

bnc 765 fast rise time pulse generator

Introducing BNC’s new 70 ps Fast Rise Time Pulse Generator. The Model 765 Fast Rise Time Pulse Generator from Berkeley Nucleonics is the first Analog edge converter with the ability to reach less than 70 ps rising and falling edges at 5 volts @ 50 ohms with fully adjustable output voltage.

The Model 765’s innovative hardware architecture can generate advanced pulse sequences, such as double pulse or quad pulse, with fully independent timing parameters. The 7’ touchscreen display and intuitive UI have been designed to put powerful pulse generation programming at your fingertips. The Model 765 is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications requiring fast, accurate pulse edges. Learn more about this exciting new technology!

Key Features:

  • < 70 ps rise/fall time (20%-80%)
  • 2 or 4 fully adjustable channels with maximum 500 MHz repetition rate
  • Pulse width from 300 ps to > 1 s with 10 ps resolution
  • Trigger in to output jitter < 35ps RMS
  • Continuous, single, burst, gated, external trigger modes




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