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introducing wish lists

Add Your Favorites to Your Wishlist:

Add your favorite products to a wishlist so you can save your lists to go back to or share your list with others.

To add your favorite products to the wishlist, select the favorites  ♥ icon and it will automatically be added to your wishlist.

new wishlist screenshot


Add to wishlist

View Your Wishlist

To view your selected products on your wishlist, visit your wishlist page: View My Wishlist

Share Your Wishlist

To share your wishlist, use the share icons to share via social media or email.

share your wishlist

Set Up Your Account

If you want to come back to your wishlist, set up an account and you can view your list when you come back to

To set up your own account, please visit:  My Account


my account page



Still have questions?  Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!