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Infrared Themometer Calibration Services

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Infrared thermometers, or IR thermometers are widely used to measure temperature in everything from the food and beverage industry to manufacturing. Using infrared technology, temperature can be measured without contacting a test subject which is an invaluable benefit when working with materials that can become contaminated or materials at high temperatures which can cause a safety risk.

With proper setup and planning, infrared thermometer calibrations can be accurate. The sources of uncertainty outlined below should be used as standards to perform accurate infrared thermometer calibrations. Much of the information presented here is contained in ASTM E2847, “Standard Practice for Calibration and Accuracy Verification of Wideband Infrared Thermometers.”

Sources of Uncertainty

There are several sources of uncertainty which contribute greatly to an infrared thermometer calibration. These sources are summarized below.

  • Emissivity estimation of the calibration source
  • Field-of-view of the infrared thermometer
  • Temperature gradients on the radiation source
  • Improper alignment of the infrared thermometer
  • Calibration temperature of the radiation source
  • Ambient temperature
  • Reflected temperature

Our infrared thermometer calibration procedures require use of NIST-traceable standards such as infrared calibrators in addition to checks at multiple test points, for the most accurate results. In addition, our team can leave your quality department with confidence by providing of as found, as left, readings within a detailed calibration certificate for reference.

NIST-traceable report for: Description
Handheld digital indicator Four test points across range, –45° to 500°C (-49° to 932°F)

All Equipment is returned with a NIST-Traceable certification. Calibration services available:

  • ANSI Z540 Standard without data
  • ANSI Z540-1 with as-found & as-left data

Advantages of Selecting Tra-Cal to Calibrate Your Precision Test and Measurement Instruments

  • Provide repeatable accuracy, saving time, money, materials, and labor.
  • Calibrating your precision test and measurement instruments is the easiest way to avoid errors.
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Reduce the risk of products failing in service.
  • Save money from warranty and rework costs.

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